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Air Filter Service

The air filter is usually located near the top driver side by the engine in a black colored box most of the time. Once you undo the fasteners, it will come right off easily. The bottom part of the air filter is usually the intake side and this is the side that becomes dirty over time.

The material usually has folds in it to increase surface area for maximum air filtration. It can be made from some type of paper, cotton, cotton, or foam material. They’re available as disposables for one-time use or as reusable which we can wash with a special type of cleaner, and re-oil.

The air filter plays a critical role for the engine which is to first of all make sure that it prevents abrasive particle matter and other debris from entering the combustion chamber. The second role is to allow a high volume of air to enter the combustion chamber which will increase the efficiency of the combustion process and allow the engine to operate at maximum power and acceleration.

A dirty air filter will cause the engine to run with too much fuel which causes a loss of power, reduction of acceleration, run rough, misfire, unusual engine noise can smell like fuel when starting the engine. It can also cause reduced fuel economy, and if it is neglected over time, particle matter will be enter the combustion chamber and cause premature wear of items in the engine such as pistons, piston rings and piston cylinder walls. This will cause more oil loss.

Replacement should be performed on a regular basis every 5,000 15,000 miles depending on your driving habits and the environment you drive in. The best way to know if you need to replace your air filter is take it out and look at it. If it has dirt and debris on the intake side, it needs to be replaced immediately. We can also clean and re-oil it if it’s reusable.