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Alignment Service

Choosing Auto Excel will save you both time and money on quality products and services that you deserve. We guarantee you’ll get the best price and service of any auto repair company. We have experience in the auto service industry and our menu is just as complete. We provide alignment services to ensure your vehicle runs safely and efficiently.

Our wheel alignment will be responsible for all the inter-related sports angles. When done correctly, drivers will get the best overall handling entire performance possible. We do;

  • Thrust alignment – This is where we will align the front wheel to the wheel axle. The drive direction of the rear axle is known as the thrust angle. We will ensure that the thrust angle and geometric center remain the same.
  • Four-wheel alignment – This is when all four wheels are independently aligned with the geometric center line
  • Two-wheel alignment – This is where we will align only the front wheels to the vehicle center line and ensure the rear wheels are aligned with the geometric center line

Before we begin the alignment procedure, we always perform a thorough inspection of the steering and suspension system. We are always keen on providing the best clear-cut services for the vehicle of your choice. For example, inspection of the rear suspension of light-duty trucks is critical as component wear is significantly increased due to loading and unloading. Whether a light-duty truck or passenger car, we ensure the alignment angles are correct to ensure good handling and reduced tire wear. For any vehicle, we undertake;

  • Camber
  • Caster
  • Tow

Correct wheel camber improves tire life, enhances stability and reduces stress on other suspension parts. Caster improves stability, steering wheel return, and cornering. Correcting the tow angle will reduce scuff and improve tire life by reducing running tow to minimum.  We also undertake other parameters to check for correct wheel alignment such as;

  • Chassis height
  • Steering axis inclination
  • Included angle
  • Turning radius