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Battery Maintenance

We all take batteries for granted that when we get into our vehicle, it will automatically start. But that power to start only comes from a reliable battery. To maximize the performance and service life of your battery, it is important to perform a routine maintenance check.

When people think about weather-related battery problems, they imagine their cars not starting in the winter. However, in reality, summer heat is also a battery killer. Intense heat can speed up the chemical reaction inside a car battery, causing an increase in self-discharge and plate corrosion.  Basically, corrosion accumulates around battery posts and creates a conduit of power which slowly drains the battery and leaves you stranded.

Heat is unavoidable, but you can protect your battery in the summer by parking it in a garage or under a shade. You can also use a trickle charger to offset the drain from high temperatures. The other thing to look for is a corroded battery terminal. Corroded terminals can limit your battery power and eventually keep your car from starting. For severe corrosion, let the professionals at Auto Excel handle it. So, what are the warning signs that indicate you need battery maintenance service?

  • A roaring sound when you start the car, or cranking of the engine
  • The battery indicator light pops up
  • Bloating or swelling of the battery
  • Battery leakage
  • A click sound when you start the car.
  • Car accessories such as dim lights or car electronics doesn’t function properly

When we determine this is happening, we will

  • Conduct a full analysis of your battery’s condition including the state of charge
  • An inspection and analysis of the car’s charging system
  • Cleaning the battery’s connection and applying corrosion protection
  • Installation of a new battery