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Fuel Injection Service

Sometimes our vehicles can really embarrass us when they make those funny noises like musical instruments and blow smoke out of the exhaust pipe. Vehicles, just like musical instruments, have to be tuned regularly or the performance you get out of them will be a very sad song. Ever since vehicles acquired electronic ignitions and fuel injection systems, the idea of a tuneup has become more of a cleanup. Despite the sophistication of today’s vehicles, and probably because of it, fuel system cleanups have never been more important to your vehicle’s performance.

More reason why, is the demand for vehicles that are more and more efficient, powerful, and environmentally-friendly. These are important factors that tend to work at cross-purposes in your vehicle’s engine. Auto Excel technicians have discovered that there is a very rapid buildup of deposits that starve the engine for air and fuel. Today’s engines have a tendency to get congested with deposits and the source of those deposits is in the fuel and not the engine.

Environmental regulations have created a demand for cleaner burning fuels which sound great and great for the environment, but not so great for the engine. How does one notice they need a fuel injection service?

  • Stalling
  • Increased emissions
  • Loss of power
  • Hesitation
  • Poor fuel economy

Our fuel injection services include;

  • Off-vehicle cleaning – advantageous for ultrasonic cleaning especially for vehicles which have stayed multiple years without running
  • In-vehicle cleaning – this will save you the cost of removing and installation
  • Cleaning as you drive – cleans the fuel injectors regularly as you clean gunk deposits.