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Shocks and Struts

We all know that over time, parts wear out. One of those parts is your shocks and struts. Shocks and struts are vital for protecting your tires. If the shocks and struts wear unevenly, chop the and eventually not get the full life out of them. You may also notice that your ride is not as comfortable as it used to be when you first bought it.

You might not know it but shocks and struts are critical to gas mileage and even keeping our tires from wearing out too soon. Not replacing them when they are do could be quite expensive. Think about it, when you step on the accelerator, the car has to launch forward but if your shocks and struts have worn out, it’s not going to launch forward easily.

Most of today’s cars are built with struts with a coil spring that is mounted to the car. The reason for that is that it is that it gives a much better grip to the road while holding you down smoothly. When they are not in good shape, instead of wearing the tires evenly or maintaining contact all the time with the road, it will tend to bounce, and when the car bounces, the tire loses contact with the road. Therefore, not only wearing out your tires, but creating a safety problem.

It’s our job here as Auto Excel professionals to check all the equipment and make sure that all the suspension, including the shocks and struts are working properly. Help us make sure that your car is safe and that you’re on the road getting the maximum out of your tires.