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Timing Belt Vs. Timing Chain Service

It is important for a timing belt in a car engine to be replaced at recommended service intervals. However, what about a timing chain?

A timing belt is a toothed belt that has a high-quality rubber running outside the engine but covered by a protective cover. A timing chain is metallic and looks so much like a bicycle chain. A timing chain needs to always be lubricated by engine oil but a timing belt needs replacement after 40,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle. Therefore, timing chains don’t really need to be replaced that often, unless there is a mechanical problem that needs to be solved by professionals.

Just like any other mechanical part in the engine, a timing chain is susceptible to wear. The engine oil is responsible for lubricating the timing chain, which may cause the chain to wear fast if there is a lack of oil changes, low oil level, or poor oil quality.

How does one notice they need a timing chain service?

  • If the worn out chain makes noise
  • Shudder or shaking of the engine
  • Engine doesn’t start
  • Backfiring or shaking when driving

If the timing belt experiences any difficulty, the cogs crack and break off, causing the belt to move differently to the pulleys and eventually changes mechanical timing. Unfortunately, there are no warning signs as to when the timing belt will become defective. The engine is dependent on the timing belt to start up and move the vehicle. This is why Auto Excel recommends replacing it when it reaches a high mileage.

Auto Excel has your best interest at heart and would not like seeing your engine fail and stop in the middle of the road or experience a significant loss of engine power. We are here to ensure you get the best quality services.